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"Y’all, I can’t say enough AMAZING things about this !!!! It keeps my makeup organized and everything is exactly where I put it the day, love, love it!!!!"

Angie S.

"I recently went on vacation and used my roll up bag for the first time ever! Let me tell you I have never been able to travel without more than two or three makeup bags! This roll up bag fit all of my products and I never felt like I had to search for anything!"


"This roll up bag is amazing! I travel a lot for work. This is the only travel bag I will use! A lot of times I have to get ready in the airport or quick in the hotel before my meeting. This has made the process so much faster because all of my products are organized and I don't have to worry about counter space."


“I’ll be honest, at first I was a little skeptical that my Roll Up bag would stay tacky through all the traveling I do. It blew my mind. I have cleaned it twice so far and it's just as tacky as the day I got it up. I would recommend this for anyone that travels or just needs a great way to organize their makeup."


How it works

The TAK liner firmly holds your jewelry and beauty products, keeping them in place, not allowing your items to become disorganized, tangled, or spilled.


Wash your Captiv8™ bag out in the sink or shower with warm soapy water and air dry to return the TAK to its normal tacky state time and time again. For a quick clean, simply use a makeup wipe to clean and remove tough stains. We recommend Neutrogena Makeup Wipes. P.S. Dishwasher safe.


Captiv8™ TAK is unique. Its tacky properties will never wear out. Simply clean to return your TAK to its normal tacky state when dirty.

Zero Residue

Captiv8™ products will not leave a sticky residue behind on any of your beauty products.

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Environmentally Friendly

Captiv8’s™ tacky liner is made from an all-natural soy bean based oil.

Temperature Resistant

Our TAK Technology is temperature resistant and will not melt nor freeze. It has been tested in temperatures of over 240 degrees Fahrenheit and below 15 Fahrenheit.